Hello!  This is Hiro.

After I graduated from Japanese high school, I had studied Exercise & Sports Medicine in Oregon State University and became a certified athletic trainer. I also went to Indiana State University to further study athletic training in graduate school.  After finishing my Master’s degree, I interned at the MLB team and worked two years with the NFL team, the Houston Texans.

As experiencing in the environment with top athletes and medical staff, my skill was refined but new questions came up.  What is the best way to solve the cause of the problem not only the symptom of the injury?

To find an answer I was reading variety of books and found out about Rolfing.  In order to improve my skill and knowledge, I decided to study Rolfing for the next step. 

During and after Rolfing training, I also attended several workshops, such as muscle activation techniques internship, sourcepoint therapy, rolf movement, etc.

After finishing all my training, I came back to Japan.  I am working currently with not only athletes but also people who could benefit from Rolfing.  I am learning everyday from my practice and clients.

Please feel free to contact me in English.

I am looking forward to sharing a time with you!

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