1-14-24 Kyomachibori Nishiku Osaka

TAT Utsubo Park Buidling Rom #302


Yotsubashi Line / Homachi Station (#25/28 exit)

Yotsubashi Line / Higobashi Station (#7 exit)

Chuo Line / Awaza Station (#1 exit)

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The closest station is Honmachi station of the Yotsubashi line.

When you get out from #28 exit, you will see “クリナップ” building.  Keep going north for about three blocks, and you will see Utsubo park on your left.  Please go inside the park.

As you go through the park for a while, you will see the rose garden on your right.  When you come into the rose garden, you will see the building with the sign “TAT”. The first floor of the building is a cafe.  You can take a elevator to come up to the third floor.  My session room is the one with “H.S.R. ROLFING”.  If the cafe is closed and the entrance was closed, please use the side door next to vending machine to come in.